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.recipes for action on 
.planetary health 

This cookbook is a collection of recipes for action. There are proposals, provocations, prompts, and other calls to action. 

Ideas for Humanity:
a Cookbook for Planetary Health

The Common Design Studio is an international collaborative design sprint that explores global and wicked problems and challenges.  


This year the studio explores our relationship with the air that we share, locally and globally, designing for the planet as well as diverse human needs.

The studio shares the student proposals showcasing the capacity of design to bring together global communities to collaborate on sustainable design futures. The proposals are framed as a cookbook of recipes that can incite positive collective action and encourage creative resistance.

For several years the studio has engaged students and lecturers from RMIT University (Melbourne), London College of Communication (London), and Elisava (Barcelona) along with industry and research experts. This year includes participants from RMIT University Vietnam.

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