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.recipes for action 

This cookbook is a collection of ideas, recipes for action. The recipes posted here are provocations, prompts, calls for action. There are suggestions, tutorials, guides. There is a lot of information that can help people make informed decisions that can impact on their lives and our planet.

(not) invisible

this is your sign to (actually) start caring for our air

an action to acknowledge about air pollution

(Not) Invisible is a campaign to influence people about the effect of carbon footprints towards our air quality and raising awareness about air pollution.

By using our phones every day has a bigger impact on the environment than just having them manufactured. There’s a lot of energy needed to run the data centres and infrastructure that let us have entire libraries of music and movies in the palm of your hand. The trace of carbon footprints that produce by humanity is enormous.

With this wet wipes activity and the (Not) Invisible campaign, we hope that everyone can see the impact of humanity on the quality of air. Together, let’s save our environment simply by reducing our screentime in order for a better “Air”.

recipe for action

  1. Grab a piece of wet wipes (or cotton pads).

  2. Wipe an expose part of the body before you start the day. Slightly dampen cotton pads if you don’t use wet wipes.

  3. Go out side, do whatever you have to do for the day while making an effort to reduce phone useage. Reduce CO2e, reduce air pollution.

  4. Repeat step 02 on the same body part can be on the same wipe but on the different side or on the new one but we wouldn’t recommend just for the purpose of waste minimalize.

  5. Compare the results eekkkkkk!! can you see the yuck.

By Mia Bui, Sheran Fernando, Hillary Law, Edward Li, Tuan Vu Lam, Khoi Nguyen Vu.



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