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.recipes for action 

This cookbook is a collection of ideas, recipes for action. The recipes posted here are provocations, prompts, calls for action. There are suggestions, tutorials, guides. There is a lot of information that can help people make informed decisions that can impact on their lives and our planet.

flowair factory

improve the air

improve the air

Flowair factory is a project that aims to enhace your neighborhood’s air quality through using bulletin boards to share ways to use and take care of local plants.

It can be established everywhere, accessible for everyone, and fun! Pin your plants and see how people react. Fresher air, fresher lives!

recipe for action

  1. Capture a plant/tree in or around your home.


  3. Share how that plant makes the air better.

  4. Invite your friends to share their thoughts too!

By Henna Tyrvainen, Ginny (Quynh Chi) Vo, Do Thuc Nghi, Nguyen Hong Trang, Lara Blagojevic, Jocelyn Li.


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