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This cookbook is a collection of ideas, recipes for action. The recipes posted here are provocations, prompts, calls for action. There are suggestions, tutorials, guides. There is a lot of information that can help people make informed decisions that can impact on their lives and our planet.

Indoor Butterfly Garden

Urbanisation & Ecology

What is Indoor butterfly garden.

The Butterfly Garden is a sanctuary for many butterfly species, helping them to complete their life cycle: from egg to butterfly. In addition to this, by building a floor or a room inside the building as a butterfly garden, residents can watch a variety of butterflies fly from flower to flower in search of nectar for fun, and they play an important role in the city's plant pollination.

The Benefits

Butterflies bring awareness of nature, as well as joy and relaxation to those who observe them.

Not only do butterflies represent happiness and beauty, but they also provide a habitat for pollinators and their pollination is directly linked to our food supply.

Butterflies are also used as a barometer to predict environmental and climate conditions, and when a butterfly species disappears, it is an environmental alert - a sign that other species may be at risk, including humans.

Why build butterfly garden indoors

In recent years, butterfly habitat has been drastically reduced due to real estate development and mass farming, leading to a decline in populations. We have the option of building safer butterfly gardens indoors that help aid the entire butterfly life cycle. And they provide educational value for children. Their metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is a great teaching tool. It's easier to observe them with people and study them, giving people in the city more access to nature.


By Nancy Zhang


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