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 recipes for action 

common design studio 

The current ecological crisis presents consequences for all of us and as designers we have a responsibility to act, propose, challenge and share. Over the period of two weeks students and staff collaboratively worked together on the Planetary Health Cookbook, populated with radical interventions, design challenges, guides, advice, hacks, tips, tutorials, instruction sets, individual stories, coping mechanisms, training exercises, manifestos and collective actions; recipes for people to act individually or collectively. 

This project has a design-led focus on developing actionable strategies for a beneficial, sustainable, holistic relationship with the earth, its diverse peoples, its flora and fauna, addressing some of the risks to our interconnected ecologies. For this year's Common Design Studio the overarching theme of 'MYCOCOSM' provides a direction for all. We collectively aim to offer more than preventative measures - instead looking to positive futures made possible through knowledge sharing and design as a means of action. 

recipes for action
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