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This cookbook is a collection of ideas, recipes for action. The recipes posted here are provocations, prompts, calls for action. There are suggestions, tutorials, guides. There is a lot of information that can help people make informed decisions that can impact on their lives and our planet.

Seats In The City

Let's 3D print our urban leisure seats together!

Plastic waste has become the most pressing environmental pollution problem, with a total of 320 million tons of plastic produced globally each year. It takes 200 to 400 years for an ordinary plastic bottle to degrade naturally, and the gases produced by this garbage, if burned directly, can threaten the ecological environment and human health. These large amounts of plastic waste flow into the sea with them, and it is estimated that marine plastic kills millions of marine animals every year. Nearly 700 species, including endangered species, are known to be affected by it.

In order to protect our planet's ecological environment and address the harm plastic waste is causing us, we will establish plastic waste collection points in our cities. Residents can sort and put the plastic they discard on a regular basis into collection bins, such as beverage bottles, food packaging, etc., and record their names.

Currently, 3D printing technology is relatively mature, we can use metal, ceramic, plastic, sand and other different "printing materials" to make furniture, household items, and even buildings. However, due to the high cost of 3D printing materials, this technology is not popular in our daily life.

We will regularly collect the plastic garbage from the citizens and sort, wash, cut, divide and melt the plastic into materials that can be used for 3D printing, then a professional 3D modeling designer will design a suitable leisure seat for our city and 3D print it with the recycled plastic. We will invite the citizens who put out the garbage to participate in the printing process and place the finished seats in the vacant places in the city, which is very meaningful!

Let's protect our planet and create a better city!


By Shuwen Fan


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